S1 EP5: Like a land with soil

Meet Morteza, an 18-year-old refugee from Afghanistan. From Izmir he travelled to Samos island, to finally reach the Greek mainland. On this episode he tells Sotiris about his life in Schisto refugee camp.
FEBRUARY, 14 / 2019
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Morteza is in standby mode as he is patiently waiting for his family reunification in Germany. Nevertheless, he has created a new norm for his life here. School, lessons, interpersonal relationships; situations and facts that connect him emotionally with Greece.

Today, Morteza provides an inside view of Schisto Refugee Camp, the living conditions there, and the facilities they have or not. He finally likens the camp to a nest.


Schisto Refugee Camp is one of the camps that were officially established by ministerial decree as 'Temporary Reception and Accommodation Settlements', under the Law 4375/2016.

In the beginning, and for quite a long time, the camp's residents had to live in tents, which were gradually replaced by containers, in line with the UNHCR 'winterization' scheme. It was only in January of 2017 that those containers were equipped with air-conditioning units for heating and that a sanitation system was established to allow the use of private indoor toilets.

According to the 2017 Network for Children's Rights report, titled 'Conditions in refugee camps: The case of Schisto', "substantial inadequacies, deficiencies and even large gaps in the protection, security, dignity and quality of living conditions of asylum-seekers in Greece, with children making up the largest vulnerable group affected." Read the full report here.

This episode was produced in the framework of the project 'Silence Hate'
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