S1 EP3: It's always about propaganda

Nikos Paleologos, photo reporter with SOOC agency, explains how the media has been covering the big refugee influx and the way hate speech has re-entered the mainstream of Greek society.
JANUARY, 31 / 2019
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Nikos was there when boats full of people were arriving in Greek islands. He explains to Sotiris & Aristea the way the European and national media reacted and handled the situation. It has started as a shock for everyone. No one experienced something like that before. It was a new normality that the whole society had to cope with.


News outlets as facilitators of public debate are widely considered as a strategic tool for managing the increasing diversity in society. When covering the arrivals of asylum seekers in Europe throughout 2015-2016 however, the media has played a central role in framing these events as a 'crisis'. This perspective contributed to negative and sometimes hostile attitudes amongst the public towards the newcomers.

This episode was produced in the framework of the project 'Silence Hate'
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