S1 EP2: For better and for worse

Mo tells Sotiris about his trip from Turkey to Lesvos to Athens, applying for asylum in Greece, and how his life has changed since he left Syria.
JANUARY, 24 / 2019
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Since 2015, Europe has become a destination of choice for more than half a million asylum seekers from Syria. Mo is one of them. He left Syria in 2017, worn down by a war that (after seven years) appears to have no end in sight. In this episode, he shares his experience of his displacement and why he can't return to his country.


In May 2018, the number of refugees and migrants in Greece stood at more than 60,000, including about 14,000 on the islands. During their journeys, refugees and migrants experience inhuman living conditions, including forced detention, violence, even witnessing death. Due to their uncertain asylum status and limited access to public services, their lives have become unstable and the promise of a better future is fading away.

The European Union started closing its borders to refugees and migrants in October 2015, when Hungary blocked asylum seekers from reaching Western Europe through the Balkans. Since then, Greece has become a reception hall for people seeking asylum in Europe. In October 2015 alone, the U.N. recorded more than 200,000 refugees and migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece - all of them bound for Western Europe.

This episode was produced in the framework of the project 'Silence Hate'
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